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A Career In Beauty Therapy: Nina Pasic

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Nina Pasic

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Nina Pasic

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with makeup artist and entrepreneur, Nina Pasic. You might know Nina by her makeup brand “Makeup By Nins” or her clothing brand “N.Brand”. Nina creates bold, dramatic, but natural makeup looks. We caught up with Nina to discuss all things career, makeup, and her brand.

Tell us about your career in the beauty industry and how you got to where you are today.

If I’m honest, I never saw myself working in the beauty industry. My makeup career is something that just fell into my lap. I had always had an interest in makeup and fashion (ever since I had to do my own stage makeup for dance performances when I was younger) and it’s something that just grew on me.

Ever since I can remember, I was watching YouTube videos (before it became mainstream) and was buying any makeup that I could afford from Priceline so that I could go home and film YouTube videos on my laptop. Luckily for me, those never made it to the internet. The older I got, the more passionate I got about it and I slowly started building my makeup collection and getting more involved in how the beauty industry works.

I always thought that this would just be a hobby, however, as I began studying my Criminology degree at university and had never thought that a makeup career would be possible for me. It wasn’t until a few friends had asked me to do their makeup, and after much convincing from those closest to me that I started my page on Instagram. I genuinely didn’t think that anyone would be interested but to my surprise, I was beginning to book out my weekends within a few weeks of starting my Instagram page and I haven’t looked back since. I’m definitely in it for the long run and I don’t see myself working in any other field. 

In saying this, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my amazing clients and without those who are the closest to me. Their support has been out of this world and I am so grateful for every single person who has helped me come this far. So many have put their trust in me and shown me love and support in any way they can, and I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to repay them. I am truly blessed to have this as a career and my clients are the reason I love what I do more and more every day. 

Source: @makeupbynins_

You have quite an impressive social media following. What’s the most important thing to do when it comes to social media marketing?

 I think that the most important thing about social media marketing is loving what you do. When I first started my page, I thought no-one would be interested and I honestly didn’t mind. I never worried about numbers, I just posted my work and enjoyed sharing all my pictures and the numbers followed. I don’t believe that a following (big or small) defines how talented or hard working a makeup artist is because Instagram is all about algorithm and chance. In saying this, I believe that posting frequently is a contributing factor in gaining a following. Also trying to be real and open getting to know your audience really breaks the ice and makes them feel like they know you on a personal level, which I believe helps them engage with your content.

Apart from makeup, you also have your own brand, N.BRAND. Tell us about this.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to have a brand of my own. So when I started becoming increasingly interested in beauty and fashion and became a part of this industry it became apparent to me that there were many things that Canberra did not offer to those who are passionate about the same things as I am. Myself, as well as many others that I knew, would always discuss how when looking for certain products it would be hard to find what we’re searching for in-store or if we were to find it online, we would have to wait a while for shipping or the prices would not be as affordable to many as the Australian conversion rates would significantly alter the price we had to pay. 

In addition to this, I found that I had a very specific style, whether it would be beauty or fashion, and it would be hard for me to find exactly what I was looking for. Eventually, when I did find these items, shipping costs and waiting times would be excessive, the product itself seemed like it could be more affordable, and there was always the chance that the order would either get lost in the mail or it would not arrive on time. 

This is why I started N.BRAND. Not only did I want to provide people (along with myself) with products that were suited to my style, but I wanted to ensure that they were affordable. All Canberra N.BRAND orders are packaged and personally delivered within hours of your purchase. Interstate orders are expressed shipped with Australia Post, unless other delivery options can be arranged. If you need a pair of lashes for your night out or realise that you don’t have a pair of shoes that will go with your outfit that you’re wearing that evening, I’ve got you covered.

If you had to give one piece of advice to aspiring makeup artists, what would it be?

 To PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! and to never give up. Don’t feel as if you’re not good enough, or that your talents are not needed in this industry. There is always room for everybody to succeed and there is always room for everyone to improve and grow. 

Nina is also quite well known for her changing hairstyles from short to long, and dark to blonde in a flash. While Sibu Hair takes care of Nina, they also offer joint services to make getting ready for your next event easier. The talented team at Sibu Hair partner with Nina to offer formal and special event packages. You can get your hair and makeup done in one easy place, without any fuss. Contact Nina or Sibu Hair for more information.

We are so incredibly grateful to Nina for sharing her experience in the beauty industry. You can see more about Nina’s Makeup at @makeupbynins_ or N.BRAND at @shop.n.brand. N.BRAND website can be found here:

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

Investing in Your Course

Investing in Your Course

Investing in your future with ACTI doesn’t have to be complicated. We want all future students to access flexible payment options to suit each individual. ACTI will provide you with flexible options so that you can make an informed decision that works for you. We encourage all future students to chat with our friendly team about how we can assist with your investment in your future.

Payment Plans

ACTI course fees can be paid in easy-to-manage installments to suit you. Choose from our standard option where you can divide your course fee into three payments, paid at the start of each semester. From here, we can further customise your payment options to allow for fortnightly or monthly payment plans.

Student Loans

ACTI can point you in the right direction for student loans to help you manage your course fees. We recommend two providers:



Some terms and conditions do apply. For advice, information or help please contact ACTI directly.

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New at ACTI: In-Clinic Education

New at ACTI: In-Clinic Education

On-going professional development and education is incredibly important in the beauty industry. Working in such an innovative and constantly changing industry means that therapists must keep up to date with their skills and knowledge. We know that finding the time in your busy schedule can be hard when finding time to send your staff to training. That’s why we’ve introduced In-Clinic Education – where ACTI makes education at your workplace easy.

ACTI is able to deliver quality, dynamic and informative educational workshops at your clinic, spa or salon to take the hassle out of attending external training courses. We have an incredible education experience available for you and your team with In-Clinic Education.

ACTI’s In-Clinic Education is designed to bring ACTI education to your clinic, spa or salon at a time that is convenient for you. ACTI’s In-Clinic Education programs are designed to suit your needs. Not only do we offer a variety of packages, we also offer a variety of course topics to choose from.

There are two easy steps to In-Clinic Education with ACTI:

Step 1: Choose your time frame. We offer five options – 1.5, 3, 6, and 8-hour training options so that you can work in a time frame that works for your clinic. In-Clinic Education can begin as early as 7am, and finish as late as 9pm.

Step 2: Choose your units. We have 12 units to choose from that cover the skin, skin treatments, skin conditions, body systems, and consultations.

For more information about ACTI’s In-Clinic Education including pricing, available topics and certification, visit

Bookings can be made via email at or via phone on 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Carmen McNamara

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Carmen McNamara

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Carmen McNamara

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Carmen McNamara (AKA The Skin Fairy). Carmen is a true inspiration to many beauty therapists and achieves amazing results for her clients. As a dermal therapist and business owner, Carmen and her team change lives – one skin treatment at a time.

Over your career, you’ve had some major milestones and achievements, including the International Skin Games and winning multiple DMK awards. Tell us about your journey in the beauty industry and how you got to where you are today.

It all started when I was 13. My mums best friend was a beauty therapist and it’s all I ever wanted to do from the moment she tinted my eyelashes for the first time. I then started working in the industry in Year 10 at 16 years of age, on a Thursday night and on Saturday at a local beauty salon, basically as a cleaner, but I loved it. I was obsessed from the beginning really. Beauty School came a few years later, from there I went and worked abroad a luxury cruise liner doing beauty therapy as a Steiner therapist. Upon returning home I studied Dermal Science and really got into the skin industry from about the age of 21, and it’s basically been a roller coaster since then. Skin Fairy Clinic has been operating for 4.5 years now, which is just so awesome. I always wanted my own business and to have my own clinic, it was only ever a matter of time, it’s just something I always dreamt of. And now 14 years in this amazing industry, I feel there is so much to learn and achieve, I am working even harder now to achieve my goals. The accomplishments along the way have been hard hard work, but amazing all in the same breath.

You really are a ‘Skin Fairy’, achieving results for your clients that are truly magical. What is your approach to achieving a healthier skin?

Skin is a holistic approach, everything effects everything. The sooner clients and skin therapists work in synergy together, treating topical and internal, exciting changes start to happen. You can truly change someone’s life for the better when you help them achieve healthier skin. My advice is always to start small, drink more water, include vitamins into your diet, use a mask once a week etc, small steps help the approach to changing any routine, feel a lot more doable.

One thing that we love is that you are so passionate about staff education, team work, and providing a motivating environment for your therapists. You are a fantastic mentor for your team and many beauty therapists across the world. What is the most important piece of advice you could pass on to therapists considering opening their own clinic and managing their own teams?

Thank you so much. This has been my dream from day one, I wanted to create a happy, healthy, educational environment for my business & team. It’s a privilege for me able to teach and learn constantly so that as a brand we all grow together and change lives whilst we are doing so.

We are a value driven company and my advice to others would be, how can you help others? How do you wish you were treated when you first started in the industry? What do you think you could add or gain by being positive and encouraging? Are you ready to serve your team?

One vital point that most people don’t realise is being a leader or business owner within your own company, means you have to be ready to serve others. You have to be willing to uplift, guide and cheerlead everyone else before yourself. If you start solo like I did, back yourself. But when you gain a team, it becomes about them also and don’t ever forget that. Team work makes the dream work.

What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

I LOVE IT ALL! But I can never go past my DMK Enzyme therapy. Its unlike anything else on the market, it works on the function of the skin first and foremost, creating an overall homeostasis whilst topically working on the surface layers, hydrolysing dead skin cell material, increasing water levels in the skin and giving it a good work out. The skin looks absolutely stunning post enzyme, dewy and glowing.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in beauty therapy?

GO FOR IT! There is so many avenues, so many directions you could go. Find your passion within the industry and work hard pursing it! The options are endless! I started in beauty side of things and now work in dermal side, only treating skin with an amazing team of 9 superstars (ITS SO MUCH FUN). The industry has amazing opportunities for everyone and anyone! Its truly so diverse.

We are so incredibly grateful to Carmen for sharing her experience in the beauty industry. You can see more about Carmen at @theskinfairy_ or Skin Fairy Clinic at @skinfairyclinic. Her website is found here:

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Rachel Jabs

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Rachel Jabs

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Rachel Jabs

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Rachel Jabs – a beauty therapist working in the clinical spa environment who is also completing her studies in nursing.

You entered the beauty industry at a young age and are now almost finished your Bachelor of Nursing. How did your career start in the beauty industry?

My career in the beauty industry started because of my passion for skin, makeup and beauty – this passion stemmed from struggles with cystic acne growing up and wanting to understand and better my own skin. This led me to kick starting my in beauty therapy at 15 when I enrolled into a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. I studied beauty therapy at night, attended school during the day and worked in my free time. When I completed my course in beauty I applied for a job at Laser Clinics Australia and landed it, which I was super excited about and I have worked there ever since.

Was a career in beauty therapy something you always knew you wanted to undertake?

There are photos of me at my third birthday with a full face of makeup that I have no idea how it occurred as my mum doesn’t own a slither of makeup (it was probably crayon). Much to my Mum’s dismay, I also used to give my barbies, soft toys and expensive china dolls (meant for display, sorry Mum!) hair cuts and makeovers which were irreversible. I also gave my childhood dog, Lucy, a set of eyebrows using varied techniques on several occasions which was a hoot. Seeing all the expressions she could wear for sometimes weeks on end. It’s safe to say I loved playing with makeup and faces from a young age.

During high school I had attended a work experience at a hair salon, which I didn’t enjoy and so I left the industry alone for a while. It only hit me that beauty therapy would be the perfect career when I saw an ad on TV for beauty training in my area. I attended the next Open Day and instantly fell in love. I signed up that day!

As a future cosmetic injector, you will have the beauty therapy knowledge and skills as well as the nursing. How do beauty therapy and cosmetic injections compliment each other?

Having worked in the clinical side of beauty therapy, I have learned what expectations and results my clients want from their treatment. Being able to perform cosmetic injections just helps me give the clients their desired outcome sooner and on a whole new level.

I will already have the background knowledge to create the perfect face and I will also be able to assist my clients in giving them their desired complexion to go along with their injectables treatment plan prescribed. 

You’ve been working as a beauty therapist providing advanced facials for many years. What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?

My favourite treatments to perform have hands down been the clinical results driven treatments such as dermal needling. Dermal needling treats a plethora of concerns and uses the body’s own healing process to improve the skins texture, integrity and appearance. 

What advice would you give to those considering a career in beauty therapy?

If beauty is your passion, this career can be rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable. There is plenty of room to grow and further your studies. Just be prepared to work weekends (haha).

I believe it is important to train your students in the latest technology and treatments available including laser, microdermabrasion, shellac and peels as this is where the industry is headed. A lot of the treatments I had learned in my beauty course were already redundant and of no use to me. In this sense I believe ACTI will be the school to attend if you are wishing to pursue a beauty career as it is owned and run by people who have experience in the advanced beauty industry and have insight of where it is headed, you don’t want to graduate and your skills already be irrelevant!  

What do you love most about the beauty industry?

I have to say, another awesome part of working in the beauty industry is being surrounded by like-minded people who you get along with and wouldn’t turn down catching up outside of work. I don’t envy hearing my friends who work at desk jobs complain about their colleagues and how unalike their colleagues are. I really enjoy all the girls I have worked with and I feel constantly supported by them. 

We are so grateful to Rachel for chatting with ACTI and sharing her experience in the beauty industry. You can get in touch with Rachel via Instagram at @notquitecosmeticnurse.jabs.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.